The Business Card Holder is a portable, unique and stylish, high-capacity holder for both standard and irregular sized business cards. Produced in precision-machined aluminum and featuring a picture-frame style construction and “card window,” the Business Card Holder is a strikingly attractive and superb means of storing, carrying, and professionally presenting one’s business cards.


• The design of the Business Card Holder would encase the cards in a compact, U-channeled aluminum frame, its outer dimensions 2.62 inches in height, 3.88 inches in width, and 0.88 inches in thickness or depth. With the corners mitered at 45 degrees to meet in a 90-degree angle, the overall impression of the holder is that of a tiny picture-frame, the “picture opening” of which measures 1.62 inches in height by 2.88 inches in width, thus holding within the overlapping flanges of the frame a stack of standard, 2- inch-by-3.5-inch business cards — or the slightly oversized cards favored by the inventor, while leaving the central area of the card open to view. The aluminum frame may be finished with a brushed, textured surface; and the framing members might alternatively be fabricated in powder-coated, U-channeled aluminum in various colors. (Various materials, colors, and finishes could be used in the production of the Business Card Holder unit.)

• One of the Business Card Holder’s design criteria was to create a case both compact enough for easy transport in pocket or purse, yet roomy enough to hold a large quantity of cards: thereby saving the user the interruption and added effort of having to return to his or her briefcase or car repeatedly to replenish their card-holder. A wider Uchannel for the frame components was used; and the final product (the measurements of which were given above) would be capable of easily holding 60 cards, whether digitally or thermographically printed. The use of compact and powerful, concealed super Neodymium block magnets, these held permanently in place by JB Weld epoxy, would fasten one end of the frame in place, securely but remain detachable. Thus, one end or side of the Business Card Holder frame would simply snap free of the rest of the frame, permitting the user to slide out a card from a full day’s supply and present it smoothly and neatly.


• The Business Card Holder would present itself as a sleek, clean, elegant, and even ruggedly handsome looking unit — equally suitable for use by professional men and women, and providing a substantial, impressive “frame” for the personal business-card graphic upon which, to some large extent, their first impression will depend. The Business Card Holder would allow for easy transportation of the unit and the cards contained within.

• Designed and built to provide years of reliable service, the Business Card Holder would be a tool, professional in appearance, that could easily last a person their entire career.

• Versatile enough to handle business cards of varying dimensions — and designed to hold more than three times the number of cards than any other holder on the market, the Business Card Holder is quite clearly several cuts above its closest competition — and sure to be a hit with anyone whose success depends on those crucial first meetings with prospects and potential clients.