The Comfort Doll is a therapeutic doll that allows the family and loved ones of those in the military have an outlet for which they can express their emotions and provide a soft place to fall. Design intent is to create a tactile manner in which people can be comforted, while suffering through the absence or loss of a loved one serving in the armed forces. (All dolls will be personalized in conformity to your specifications.)


• The Comfort Doll is a customizable consumer product, with each one being specially made to conform to the purchaser’s desired specifications. There are also a number of standard features that will remain the same across the line of dolls produced in the Comfort Doll line. All the dolls are roughly two feet tall and one foot across at the shoulders. The dolls are made from a simple sewn-fabric construction, and stuffed with a hypoallergenic and natural material that gives them a comforting, squeezable bulk.

• Each doll will be clad in a custom-tailored outfit designed to mimic the dress uniform of one particular branch of the military. The branch depicted will vary from doll to doll. In addition to the regular accouterment’s associated with dress uniform, each doll can be outfitted with proper epaulets and other piping designed convey they particular rank of the soldier involved (along with accurate campaign ribbons, miniature metals, and unique tattoos or other distinguishing features).

• The Comfort Doll could also be produced with casual combat attire. The Comfort Doll would focus on providing a unique physical object designed to reenforce the individual bond between one brave soldier and their particular loved one. The Comfort Doll is produced in a variety of different skin tones and hair colors. The dolls are packaged wearing a full-body jumpsuit with a desert camouflage patterning. Each package also includes a registration card, which is the key to effecting the unique process that links a Comfort Doll to its recipient. As well as an automated enrollment in an elite Comfort Doll membership (United We Bond). The registration card comes with a pre-assigned identification number stamped at the top, and this number will come to be the reference for the particular doll, associated with it in the Comfort Doll database. This database is the main repository for all information associated with the dolls, and allows the company to coordinate the manufacture and distribution of the dolls’ custom accessories.

• The registration card provides locations for the customer to record the name of the soldier being personified by the doll, as well as information on the individual’s rank in, and branch of, the service. The rest of the card provides space for listing the location and date of purchase, as well as the name of the loved one who the doll has been assigned to comfort, and a personal sentiment message. This information, when received, is added to the Comfort Doll database, and used to produce a custom set of doll-sized dog tags with the pertinent information embossed on them. These dog tags are then mailed back to the doll owners, allowing them to identify their new doll and also interface with the Comfort Doll’s online web interface, where the personal sentiment message can be viewed and other custom accessories for the dolls, including accurate dress uniforms, can be ordered. Additionally, all or some of the dolls could feature a push button (perhaps within the belly of the doll) to play a song about soldiers. A choice between “American Soldier,” or “Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue,” by Toby Keith could be given. For this matter, licensing issues would need to be addressed. (The information from the registration card is also used to identify a one dollar donation that is made to create a “Huggable Hero Fund” for Operation Iraqi Freedom in the name of the soldier being honored to benefit fallen and injured American heroes and their families. This donation would be sent directly from the Comfort Doll company to the U.S. Government.)


• The Comfort Doll is an ideal device for fostering a keen sense of camaraderie and closeness between soldiers in the field and their loved ones of any age. While the doll was initially conceived of with children of military parents in mind, it can provide a soft, comforting shoulder to cry on or tiny body to hug for loved ones of all ages. Once the doll has been personalized and has received its unique identifying dog tags, other customized accessories, including different uniforms and other outfits, can be ordered directly from the website. This creates a secondary channel for further revenues, and allows end users to forge a unique, specific bond with their doll of choice.