Collapsible Workbench with Built-In Roller Table


The Collapsible Workbench combines the features of a workbench with the functionality of a roller table -- all in an easily collapsible, transportable, and storable unit.


Designed to meet the demands of craftsmen of all kinds, the workbench is constructed for durability, and rests on a sturdy steel frame.  While having superior strength, the frame is extremely lightweight.  The frame includes a pair of A-frame members that are adjustable in height using a telescoping sleeve system.  At the bottom of the frame are four stanchions, which allow the workbench to even be used on uneven surfaces.  The frame is topped with durable plastic work surfaces, which fold outwardly to create a broad work surface, allowing work to be formed on large workpieces.  In fact, on each of the two lateral halves, the work surface literally folds into thirds, allowing quite a large work surface compared with the storage size.  The lateral halves are adjustable toward and away from each other, to vary the overall width of the workbench.  A key feature of the workbench is that a pair of work surface panels can be flipped upward and out of the way, revealing a parallel arrangement of steel rollers that allow the table to function as a roller table.  The roller table function provides great versatility for numerous trades and crafts, such that large and heavy workpieces and raw materials can be easily manipulated and worked on.


The Collapsible Workbench with Built-In Roller Table revolutionizes the ability of tradesman and craftsman to perform work on large workpieces, with bulky and heavy raw materials, in virtually any location.  The lightweight and sturdy construction  allow the workbench to be easily transported and stored in an extremely compact configuration.